3 mm runde Bubble-Moissanit-Diamantringe

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3 mm runde Bubble-Moissanit-Diamantringe

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3 mm runde Bubble-Moissanit-Diamantringe
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Diese 3 mm großen runden Moissanit-Diamantringe mit Blasen wurden fachmännisch gefertigt, um ihre atemberaubende Brillanz zur Geltung zu bringen. Diese Ringe bestehen aus ethisch einwandfrei gewonnenen Moissanit-Diamanten und bieten im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen Diamanten einen um 10 % höheren Glanz. Diese Ringe eignen sich perfekt für jeden Anlass und ziehen mit Sicherheit die Aufmerksamkeit auf sich und setzen ein Statement.

Frequently Asked questions

Does Moissanite pass the Diamond test?

Yes. All ROKSHOK'S Moissanite jewelry is guaranteed to pass the diamond tester. Moissanite and diamonds have almost identical conductive properties, which is what diamond testers rely on to determine the result.

What is moissanite, and how does it compare to diamonds?

Moissanite is a gemstone composed of silicon carbide, known for its dazzling brilliance, fire, and durability. It offers a more affordable and ethically sourced alternative to diamonds, with nearly as much hardness (9.25-9.5 on the Mohs scale compared to diamonds' 10) and even more brilliance due to its higher refractive index.

How should I care for my moissanite jewelry?

Moissanite is very durable and resistant to scratches and abrasion. To keep it looking its best, clean it with a solution of mild soap and warm water, using a soft brush to gently remove any dirt. Avoid harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures, which could affect its brilliance.

Does moissanite fade or change color over time?

Moissanite is highly stable and resistant to changes in color or clarity over time. It maintains its sparkle and fire under normal wear and environmental conditions, making it an excellent choice for jewelry intended to last a lifetime.

How Do I Prevent the Paint from Drying Out?

Keep the paint pots closed when not in use. If the paint does start to dry, adding a tiny amount of water can sometimes help revive it.

Is moissanite an ethical choice for jewelry?

Yes, moissanite is considered an ethical and environmentally friendly choice for jewelry. It is lab-created, which means its production does not involve the mining processes associated with natural gemstones, including diamonds. This reduces the environmental impact and avoids the ethical concerns related to the diamond mining industry, such as labor practices and funding conflicts. Choosing moissanite supports sustainable and responsible jewelry practices.