Shop Stunning Moissanite Tennis Bracelets Online

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Shop Stunning Moissanite Tennis Bracelets Online

Key Highlights

You can find lots of moissan tennis bracelets online. They are fancy and shiny.


  • You can find lots of pretty styles in white gold, real gold, and silver.


You can pick the fast view options we offer or get free delivery on any order you place.


Having other moissanite earrings made just for this bracelet really makes it look complete and perfect.


It gives everyone a chance to have these beautiful tennis bracelets made of moissanite.




Welcome to LaneWoods, your go-to spot for the prettiest moissanite tennis bracelets online. We know it's key to find just the right bit of jewelry. It should match who you are and make your look shine. That's why we offer a big collection of amazing moissanite tennis bracelets. They're all priced right for you.


We think at LaneWoods that fancy items shouldn't be too expensive. We focus on Moissanite jewelry, so our customers enjoy jewelry that shines like diamonds without the high price. Each moissanite tennis bracelet we make is made with care, making sure it's of the highest quality.


Find out how pretty Moissanite Tennis Bracelets are


A great choice to make an outfit look fancy is to wear a moissan tennis bracelet. These bracelets are sure to catch eyes, whether you're dressed up or just adding some style to a laid-back look. They feature a classic design and a shiny sparkle that never gets old - always in style!


The Unmatched Beauty of Moissanite Gems


Moissanite shines and sparkles like no other. To make the most of how it bends light, this stone is cut many times. This creates a lot of surface reflections instead of letting light shine from inside, which is different from how a diamond works. Because moissanite bends light really well, it looks super sparkly from every angle.


Moissanite gems are not only very shiny, but they also are heavier compared to how big they are. This means that a person can get a larger moissanite stone without spending a lot of money, especially when you think about buying a diamond of the same size. Also, moissanite has a special sparkle. It can split white light into all its rainbow colors.


Why Choose Moissanite Over Traditional Diamonds?


When picking out an engagement ring or any special jewelry, think about getting moissanite over the usual diamonds. A big reason folks go for this gem is that it's easier on the wallet. Truly, it's a no-brainer because you end up with a fabulous jewelry item on your budget when you choose moissanite, something that's harder to do with diamonds.


Also, moissanites are not just cheaper than diamonds, they're very strong as well. Diamonds are the toughest, scoring a perfect 10 on the Mohs' hardness scale. But moissanites are right behind them, with a score of 9.25. This means, your tennis bracelet made of these stones will stay scratch-free and shiny, no matter how often you wear it.


In the end, it's important to point out that moissanite is a more caring option than diamonds. Diamonds can bring along problems like fights and damage to the earth. This is because moissanite stones are made in labs. They are seen as good for the earth and don't cause these kinds of problems. So, when you wear a tennis bracelet with these stones, you show you're aware of making good choices.


How to Pick the Perfect Moissanite Tennis Bracelet


When picking the perfect moissanite tennis bracelet, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you should select the kind of metal you like best. LaneWoods has different options like white gold, silver, and solid gold. Each one has its own special look and lasting quality. So, you can choose based on what you like the most.


The next step is to think about where to place the moissanite stones. These choices include prong, bezel, and channel settings (LaneWoods). There are different kinds of settings for different looks and how well they hold the stones. If you want something that looks classic and never goes out of style, you might choose a prong setting. But, if you like something that looks more current and smooth, then a bezel or channel setting might work better for you.


Make sure your tennis bracelet's moissanite stones are the best quality. LaneWoods uses only the best moissanite. Every stone is picked with care and set perfectly to make sure it shines and sparkles a lot. If you need help or have any questions about what you're picking, our team is always here to help you.


Understanding Moissanite Quality and Grading


Quality matters a lot when it's about moissanite. How good moissanite is judged based on its size, how clear and what color it is, and its shape. The bigger the stone, usually, the more it's worth. The best moissanite is clear without any color. If a moissanite is clear without any bits inside it or marks, it means it's of better quality. Lastly, the way a moissanite is cut can make it sparkle more or less. This is because the cut affects how light bounces off it.


At LaneWoods, we're happy to show you our top-notch moissanite tennis bracelets. We pick our moissanite stones carefully. We make sure they shine as bright as possible. We look at their size, color, clearness, and shape. This way, you get a really stunning bracelet.


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Different Styles and Settings for Every Taste

At LaneWoods, we get that your own taste matters a lot with jewelry. That's why we have different styles and looks for our moissanite tennis bracelets. If you like traditional silver or the always-gorgeous white gold, we've got just the right choice for you.

Our silver moissanite tennis bracelets are liked a lot because they are easy on the pocket and can be worn with anything. The cool, silver color looks good with every outfit and can be made fancy or casual for any event. If you like something that looks more expensive, our white gold moanite tennis bracelets are the best pick. The warm, golden color of white gold makes any outfit look more elegant and fancy.

No matter the type of metal you pick, our moissanite tennis bracelets are made really well to make the stones look even better. Each bracelet gets a lot of care and close looks to make sure you get something that's both pretty and strong.

How to Style Moissanite Tennis Bracelets

Styling a moissanite tennis bracelet is easy because of its classic and flexible design. You can wear these bracelets by themselves for a traditional and sleek look or mix them with other bracelets for your own style. Whether you're going to a fancy event or just want to make your daily outfit better, a moissanite tennis bracelet brings a bit of shine and class to whatever you wear.

For a fancy party, match your shiny moissanite bracelet with a beautiful night dress. It will sparkle and make your wrist stand out, giving your outfit a touch of flashiness. If you want to make a less fancy outfit look stylish, you can wear the moissanite bracelet with jeans and a shirt for a smart and shiny appearance.

Perfect Pairings: Watches and Other Jewelry

When you mix a moissanite tennis bracelet with your accessories, you can't go wrong. A lot of people like to wear it with a watch. The shiny and classy look of the bracelet goes really well with the nice look of a watch. They match up nicely. It doesn’t matter if you pick a classic stainless steel watch or a fancy gold one, a moissanite tennis bracelet brings that extra bit of shine and classy feel to your wrist.

Mixing a moissanite tennis bracelet with either a Cuban link chain or a gold necklace is a dream team. Putting these together gives off a fancy and rich vibe, ideal for big events or dressy get-togethers. Throw in some moissanite earrings, and you'll stand out anywhere you go.

From Casual to Formal: Adapting Your Look

One of the best things about moissanite tennis bracelets is how flexible they are. You can wear them for any event, from hanging out in simple clothes to going to a fancy gathering. For a laid-back style, match your bracelet with a basic dress or jeans and a shirt. The bracelet will make your outfit shine a little more without being too much.

When you're dressing up for fancy events, a moissanite tennis bracelet is the ideal extra touch to finish off your outfit. Match it with a fancy dress or long dress for a look that's both classy and stylish. The traditional look of the bracelet means it will always be in style. This makes it a great pick for any formal event.

Caring for Your Moissanite Jewelry

Looking after your moissanite tennis bracelet is key to making sure it stays shiny and beautiful for a long time. Even though moissanite is a tough gem, it still needs some regular care to keep it looking great. Here are some things you can do to take care of your moissanite jewelry:

  1. Clean your bracelet every day with a smooth cloth. This gets rid of dirt and oil.
  2. Keep your shiny tennis bracelet away from strong cleaners or rough stuff.
  3. Keep your bracelet in a box or pouch. This stops it from getting scratched by other things.
  4. Once a year, take your shiny jewelry to a trusted jewelry shop. They will clean it and check it for you.

By keeping these easy care tips in mind, you can keep your moissanite tennis bracelet looking beautiful and shiny for many years.

Daily Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

To make sure your moissanite tennis bracelet stays looking good every day, you need to take care of it often. This means:

  • Wiping the bracelet with a soft, cloth that doesn't leave any fluff behind. This gets rid of any dirt or oils that gathered during the day.
  • Doing this keeps the moissanite stones shiny and bright.

Besides everyday cleaning, you should wash your moissanite tennis bracelet now and then with warm, soapy water. Use a soft toothbrush to lightly brush off any tough dirt. Then, rinse it well and dry it with a clean cloth.

Avoid using strong cleaners or scratchy stuff to clean your tennis bracelet. They can ruin the bracelet or its stones. Also, make sure to take off your bracelet before doing anything that might put it in touch with strong chemicals or rough surfaces.

Professional Care and Long-Term Preservation

Taking care of your moissanite tennis bracelet every day is important. But, it's also a good idea to have it looked at by a trusted jeweler. Do this at least once a year. They can clean it and check it out. This way, it stays pretty, and any problems can be found and fixed early.

When you take your jewelry for a cleaning, the jeweler will have special tools and skills to clean off the dirt that's hard to get rid of at home. They will also check if there are any stones that are not tight or if there is any harm needing fixing.

When you pay for an expert to take care of your moissanite tennis bracelet, you can keep it looking beautiful and shiny for a really long time. This will make sure your bracelet stays a loved item of jewelry you can give to the next generation.

  • Expert care keeps it beautiful.
  • It stays a loved item for future generations.

Moissanite Tennis Bracelets for Special Occasions

Moissanite tennis bracelets are great for big events, like weddings, anniversaries, or other important times. They shine beautifully and make any occasion fancier. For brides, a moissanite tennis bracelet is a beautiful addition that matches well with any wedding dress and makes the wrist sparkle. For anniversaries or other special moments, a moissanite tennis bracelet is a lasting and considerate present that will be loved for many years.

Wedding Day Shine: Bracelets for Brides and Bridesmaids

On your big day, you should stand out. A moissanite tennis bracelet is the perfect extra to make you glow even more as a bride. It doesn't matter if your dress is classic white or something more current; a moissanite tennis bracelet goes well with your look. It makes your wrist look elegant.

Honoring Big Moments: Weddings and Birthdays

Tennis bracelets made of Moissanite are great for weddings, and also for giving on anniversaries and birthdays. These special times are the perfect chance to give your loved one an amazing piece of jewelry. This shows how much you love and are devaoted to them.

If you're marking a big anniversary or a special birthday, think about giving a moissanite tennis bracelet as a gift. It's thoughtful. The way it shines is lovely, and it'll make your loved one think of the great times you've had. It acts as a lasting sign of your love.

The Sustainability of Moissanite Jewelry

When you pick moissanite jewelry, you get something beautiful and easy on your wallet. Plus, you're doing good for the planet and being ethical. Moissanite is made in a lab. It's good for the environment and doesn't cause fights.

Diamonds are dug up from the earth, which can hurt our environment. On the other hand, creating moissanite happens in a lab. This is better for our planet because:

  • No natural spots are used up.
  • It doesn't harm the natural world around us.

Text: Plus, moissanite is a gem that doesn't cause any harm. It doesn't link to any wrongdoings or bad actions. When you buy a moissanite tennis bracelet, you can feel good about it. You know you've chosen something that's both smart and cares for the world.

Choosing the Green and Peaceful Way: Picking a Caring Option

When you pick moissanite jewelry, you're really thinking about being kind to the planet. Moissanite doesn't hurt the Earth because it's made in labs, unlike diamonds. Diamonds need a lot of mining. This mining can be bad for the environment.

  • Moissanite is good for the environment.
  • It doesn’t cause harm to people or involve bad practices. This is different from some diamonds that come from areas with conflicts.
  • When you buy a moissanite tennis bracelet, you can feel good about it. You know it comes from a fair and right place.

Choosing your jewelry wisely lets you admire its beauty and shine, and also helps protect our world. It supports the health of communities everywhere.

Longevity and Durability of Moissanite Stones

One of the main benefits of moissanite stones is that they last a long time and are very tough. They have a hardness score of 9.25 on the Mohs scale. This makes them almost as hard as diamonds. So, if you have a moissanite tennis bracelet, it can handle daily use without getting scratched or less shiny.

Moissanite stones are really tough, making them ideal for wearing every day. This means your tennis bracelet will stay shiny and pretty for years. You can wear it to work, to big events, or just every day. You can be sure your moissanite tennis bracelet will keep looking amazing.


Find out how stylish Moissanite tennis bracelets can really boost your look. They are top-notch and kind to the environment. Picking Moissanite over usual diamonds is a smart and shiny decision. It's great for wearing every day and on important days. Moissanite jewelry comes in different looks and is tough. You can check out various designs to find what you like best. From tips on how to keep it looking good every day to making it shine for big events, taking care of your Moissanite stuff is easy but very important to keep it beautiful for a long time. Enjoy the beauty and eco-friendliness of Moissanite jewelry as a choice that stays beautiful and is smart for our planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does moissanite stack up against diamonds when we talk about how shiny it is?

Moissanite shines very brightly, even more than diamonds, because it bends light so well. It also gives you a bigger size for your money, which makes it a great and less expensive choice over diamonds.

Can moissanite tennis bracelets be resized?

Sure, you can make moissanite tennis bracelets bigger or smaller. At LaneWoods, our team is here to help you with changing the size. Just reach out to us. We'll show you how to do it so your bracelet fits just right.

How do I make sure my moissanite bracelet is real?

To make sure your moissanite bracelet is real, you can trust our customer help team at LaneWoods. They work hard to give you true moissanite jewelry, and they're ready to help with any questions or worries about whether your buy is real.

Can you wear moissanite tennis bracelets every day?

Absolutely, you can wear moissanite tennis bracelets every day. They are tough enough to endure normal day-to-day stuff without getting scratched or dull. But, it's still a good idea to take care of them regularly to make sure they stay shiny and beautiful.

  • Moissanite tennis bracelets are good for wearing all the time.
  • Their strong nature means they won't easily scratch or get less sparkly.
  • Still, it's best to look after your bracelet to keep it looking great.

How much do top-notch moissanite tennis bracelets cost?

The cost of top-notch moissanite tennis bracelets changes based on their size, the kind of stuff they're made of, and how they look. At LaneWoods, you can find a variety of choices that match various budgets, beginning at $279.99. Our moissanite tennis bracelets are made with attention to detail, aimed to give great quality and worth.